day 4 and 5 @wjmc

Today can be described in one word: bittersweet. I can’t believe I spent 5 whole days with people who started as strangers and now have become my best friends. We have shared many tears, laughs, hugs and smiles within these past couple days and I wouldn’t want to spend it with anybody else. The White Team brought the house down on the dance floor, to the point where I spent most of it sewing up my fellow correspondent’s dress, who also happens to be my new best friend. What are friend’s for, right? From wandering the national mall, to singing … Continue reading day 4 and 5 @wjmc

day 4 @wjmc

Today was a pretty chill day. The White Group continued to show their passion for journalism through the simulation. It was fun to create a headline, lead and graphics in order to pitch an idea that could be similar to what I might have to do in the future. I was proud of the work my partner Carson and I accomplished, even though our story didn’t make it to the front page. I also realy enjoyed speaking with Meghan ATB Reese, a free lance photojournalist, whose “go with the flow” attitude really resonated with me. I think it was the … Continue reading day 4 @wjmc

day 3 @ wjmc

Today was a day filled with laughter, love and inspiration. Starting the day off at National Geographic was not something I expected to be as eye-opening as it was. I loved the publication’s exclusion from politics and focus on other important stories that may not reach major newspapers front page, like care for endangered species and state parks. We also got the chance to see an exclusive preview of a magazine that is to be released in December regarding genders. The short clip that Susan Holdburg, Editor in Chief, previewed, showed the audience not only how much work and effort … Continue reading day 3 @ wjmc